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It is supposed to be transitory, but…

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Our recent bout of inflation is supposed to be transitory, but as I stand and pump gas at $3.90/gallon, a full dollar per gallon more than last year, and gaze at the Taco Bell restaurant which closed at 8:00 PM instead of their posted hours of 2:00 AM, because, as the note on the door said, “a lack of staff”, I realize our economic environment changed faster than any of us could have predicted.

It is apparent the pre-pandemic decade of less than stellar but stable growth, coupled with low inflation and a stock market with low volatility and strong growth, is over.

It is now, more than ever, the kind of environment that dictates a robust conversation around how your investment and retirement portfolios are positioned for inflation, asset price shocks attendant with energy and commodity demand, and positioned for the macro changes our economy, markets, and the world face…inflation, low but rising interest rates, interventionist government policy, green investments, the (hopefully) on-shoring of manufacturing and supply chains of critical economic and national security…telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, microprocessors, and rare earth minerals.

We spend hundreds of hours every year (so you don’t have to) reading research, attending seminars, webinars and conferences to stay abreast of those tools and techniques which can assist our clients manage the everchanging environment their financial goals have to operate in.

We are here to help…for a review and conversation about your portfolio in light of the new economic environment, give us a call.


Dave & Drew

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